Pet rabbit

The most common misconception I heard about pet rabbits is that they are wild animals and can’t be trained. Rabbits are very disciplined animals with habits and routines, so training your bunny is not that hard.

Potty train your bunny

Another misconception I heard is that pet rabbits are dirty and smelly animals. They are if you don’t take care of them. Whether your bunny is an indoor or an outdoor pet, potty training is something you should do. Why? Because rabbits are very clean animals (they spend most of their time grooming themselves) and they prefer going to the bathroom in a specific place. Occasionally, they might leave their poop around the place (marking their territory), but mostly they’ll do it in one place.

If your pet rabbit is new to your home, he might be confused with all that space. Help him! Teach him how to use the potty you intended for him. It should be easy with treats. They are smart and it will take just a few repetitions – show him where to do his business, help him with hay and when he does it, don’t forget to give him a treat! He will remember it and after a while, he’ll do it by himself and without a treat.

Give your bunny toys

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Maybe your bunny likes to chew things around even though it has plenty of hay. And maybe those things are doors, furniture, carpets, etc. That’s probably because they need to trim teeth and hay is just not enough. Give him toys he can nibble, he’ll love it. Play with your pet, give him wooden toys or rattle rollers – there are plenty of natural toys for your rabbit. They’ll learn a few tricks, it might be fun for you too, and soon they’ll stop ruining things that are not for them.

Trick training

You’ve probably noticed they like to run and hop. And sometimes they’ll use the same paths while doing that. Rabbits like to memorize the layout of the environment in case of emergency (escape routes). So teaching them some tricks won’t be hard. Provide them with obstacles to jump over or climb, tunnels where they can creep in and use treats to lead them. It’s good for them to learn and practice and fun for you to spend more time with your pet.

Food and cuddle training

It’s not exactly ‘training’ per se, but it is a kind of routine. Giving your rabbits meals at the same time or doing a certain ritual when cuddling will help understand each other better. For example, your bunny will remember when is the time for lunch and forgetting to feed him around that time might create anxiety in him. They’ll become restless and make a mess, and that is not good for neither of you. As I said, they like routine. Doing some ritual while cuddling will create a trust circle between you and your pet. So every time your rabbit is stressed for some reason or doesn’t feel well, the ritual will help him relax and feel a bit better.

All those things are not tips on how to control your pet but to help your bunny have a better happy life and also help you create a strong relationship with them full of trust. Because life is better with a happy bunny by your side.